Adam Wilkinson 

Adam became interested in public sector activity and its impacts on local communities 20 years ago. He was responsible for initiating the use of an objective approach to public sector procurement and its economic impacts on communities through his work in Northumberland County Council.  Later he designed key elements of the regional economic outcome programme in the North East including the concept of Market Intelligence.  Simultaneously he established LM3online ( to provide a common language in public, private, and not for profit sectors.  This has become the leading tool for the objective assessment of social value in all three sectors and is now available globally.

Recent projects include working with Defra on the implementation of sustainable procurement through supply chains and in the private sector principally with large construction, accountancy, and transport companies.  In addition he is working within Europe to help to develop long term investment models for common good and social value. 

Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP

Anthony Collins Solicitors (ACS) are procurement and projects specialists advising clients from the public, private and voluntary sectors in their relationships with each other.  Our advice covers all stages in a procurement process, bidding for contracts and then delivering them through the variety of joint venture structures that meet the client’s need and deliver the outcomes required.  ACS are the leading lawyers nationally in delivering social value and other sustainable development outcomes in public-private partnership, having supported toolkits and training for over 13 years and been instructed in both shaping both the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 and the Procurement Reform Bill.