How does the Social Value tool work?

There are four stages to setting up and using the tool.

1. Define your purpose

This is critical (see What is Social Value for why) here are some possible examples:

  • To evidence public procurement tenders either as commissioner or potential supplier
  • To demonstrate value to stakeholders
  • To inform donors

2. Decide on your indicators (KPI's)

These need to be quantifiable, action based, and most important of all meaningful.  While working with large organisations we developed a mechanism for helping organisations with this area.  In our experience organisations usually have no more than two or three 'generic' measures and may be another five or so bespoke measures that depend on different types of project or procurement.

3. Assign the KPI's

These are then assigned to either procurement contracts or delivery projects.  From this point on the program collects the information from suppliers automatically.  Over time this allows the organisation to produce objective auditable information for individual projects and the organisation as a whole.  

4. Apply the outcomes

Use the information to deliver your objective successfully. This can then be used to evidence contract achievement, tendering processes, shareholders or trustees CSR programmes.





Win more business

Produce consistent, auditable, objective evidence across the whole organisation to support your purpose.

Minimise the resources required to collect, analyse, and present the information.

Provide meaningful and strategic information for Directors, Trustees, and other stakeholders.