How to buy

Many different sizes of organisation wish to use Social value indicators.  We sell different licences for different sizes of organisation.   A summary of these is shown below.

No of
No of
Initial cost
  £ 1st year
charge  £
to buy
1 10 Micro/charity 30 30 Contact us
10 20 SME 900 900 Contact us
100 100 Medium 3000 1500 Contact us
Unlimited 2000 Multi project 7500 3500 Contact us
Unlimited Unlimited Corporate 10000 5000 Contact us
    Branded version * 3500 500 Contact us
  • Social Value licences vary both in the number of contracts/projects they can be used and the number of suppliers that can be included.  The Micro/charity licence is subsidised by us for social benefit.
  • Lm3online offer a number of audit, data management and consultancy services in addition to licences please contact us for more information.
  • * A branded version needs a usage licence in addition.

To use our partner services, training, and other consultancy please contact us directly and we will be glad to discuss your individual needs with you.